Tuesday 16 July 2019

Mego reveal new Khan action figure, and Spock gift set

Mego have revealed their new Khan action figure, which will be seeking his wrath with the seventh wave of releases from the reborn Mego brand this September. Continue below to check him out, as well as a new Spock gift set, and new images of the latest releases

Khan will be one of three new Star Trek figures in mego's next wave, appropriately joined by Admiral Kirk and Captain Spock - They will be released Separately, but you can order them as a bundle from Entertainment Earth. These will be the first Mego figures outside the TOS TV era in the current run (although DST released a couple of TNG figures when they did Mego figures a few years ago).

Mego Museum released these first look photos of the Khan figure, along with previews of other non-Trek wave seven characters. Kirk and Spock are yet to be seen, although I doubt we'll have long to wait with San Diego Comic Con coming up.

Mego have also released a slightly more playful preview image on Instagram:

In other Mego news, ThinkGeek will be offering an exclusive Spock gift set at the San Diego Comic Con. Includes is a Spock figure and several variant uniforms, including for the first time a Where No Man Has Gone Before pilot episode uniform. The other variants included have been released separately before; the standard TOS Spock, dress uniform and screen accurate props, and mirror universe Spock (with extra bearded head). Mego Museum have lots more images of this set if you want a closer look.

Finally, with the most recently released wave now available, we've got full sets of images for each figures, which was all variants in this wave. There's the glow in the dark Gorn:

And then Kirk and Spock, both very similar to previous releases, but now features screen-accurate paint jobs on their props, and a scattering of tribbles each:

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