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Sunday, 4 August 2019

Hallmark's 2020 Star Trek Keepsakes revealed

At the Star Trek Las Vegas convention Hallmark have just revealed their 2020 Star Trek Keepsake Christmas decorations (which have diligently released images of too).

This year they've got a whole new assortment of ornament styles to shake things up a bit. All of the ornaments in this year's range are interactive, part of a new series called Storytellers. Each ornament has built in sound recordings, as many have before, but these ones also work together to tell stories, depending on which ornaments you bring together using a Keepsakes Power Cord. Reporting from the STLV panel, TrekCore say this is the start of a three year program of releases, so there'll be lots more story to come over the next few Christmases.

The bulk of the range is made of character figurines, and they've gone mirror universe themed for this initial assortment, with mirror versions of Kirk, Uhura, and Sulu. Each is displayed on a small base, which lights up when they "talk".

If this is the full range for next year then the usual little ship ornament is gone! But there's a big one instead, a USS Enterprise tree topper! According to it will light up, play the opening monologue and opening and closing themes from TOS, while TrekCore suggests the nacelle caps will spin too! This is also part of the Storyteller range, add more lights and sounds to the stories.

For a look back at previous Hallmark Star Trek Keepsakes, see my Trek Collective List.


Fox said...

Tree topper looks super-unbalanced.
Shame there's no tiny ship ornament. I've always loved those.

MikeB said...

I've been growing less interested in the Hallmark products. The quality is just not there anymore.Plus just using old clips of dialogue is getting old. Remember the shuttle with Nimoy's holiday greeting as Spock? That was classic! How about an ornament with a new greeting by Shatner, Stewart, etc?

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