Wednesday 31 July 2019

Discovery: Away Mission VR experience on the way from Sandbox VR

Sandbox VR have announced a new Star Trek: Discovery virtual reality experience, Away Mission, which they are taking great delight in promoting as a holodeck experience.

The game promises to make you, and a group of friends, part of the crew of the Discovery, exploring the ship, working with the crew, and playing with Disco tech. Here's how they describe it:
The Star Trek: Discovery Away Mission warps you and your crew aboard the U.S.S. Discovery where you'll be guided by Starfleet officer Sylvia Tilly. Your mission is to investigate a distress signal from a lost spaceship. Gear up on phasers and tricorders, explore an ice moon and locate the spaceship.
And here's a trailer, which riffs on the Discovery opening credits, while detailing what the experience will offer:

The game will be launched this year in Sandbox VR locations in Hong Kong and San Francisco, with further US locations coming later this year, and worldwide release in early 2020 - Although they currently only have locations in North America and Asia. I hope they set up in Europe soon, it looks fun!

Here are some more images from in the game:

And here's what you might look like in reality while you're looking all cool in VR:

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