Tuesday 19 June 2018

Book Bits: Star Trek Little Golden Books, and previews from other non-fiction and novelties

Got quite a variety of Star Trek non-fiction and novelty book updates today, including more on Kirk Fu, Incredibuilds and the Lost Scenes book. But first, something entirely new...

Penguin Random House have revealed Star Trek will soon be joining the long running Little Golden Book series, with two TOS inspired books due for release next January.

Little Golden Books are charmingly illustrated childrens books, that traditionally include non-fiction introductions, fairytales and morality tales, as well as tie-ins to popular childrens media characters. More recently they have been getting into more popular culture and nostalgic media tie-ins, with some of their latest releases including adaptations of Jurassic Park and Back to the Future!

For their initial Star Trek offering they are going for character focused books, one featuring Captain Kirk, and one on Mr Spock.

I am Captain Kirk will be written by Frank Berrios, and illustrated by Ethen Beavers. Here's the blurb:
Boldly go where no one has gone before with this first-ever Star Trek(TM) Little Golden Book--featuring Captain James T. Kirk!

Whether making strange new discoveries at the farthest reaches of the galaxy or facing off against Klingons and other alien races, find out what makes Captain James T. Kirk the most famous starship captain ever. Star Trek fans of all ages will love this action-packed Little Golden Book featuring Captain Kirk and the crew of the USS Enterprise from the classic TV series in a unique retro art style!
I am Mr. Spock is written by Elizabeth Schaefer, with Beavers illustrating again. We've not seen the cover for that one yet, but do have a blurb:
Boldly go where no one has gone before with the launch of this new series of Star Trek(TM) Little Golden Books!

A logical, brave, and brainy science officer, Spock is the pointy-eared Vulcan who completes the crew of the USS Enterprise on its five-year mission. Star Trek fans of all ages will love this action-packed Little Golden Book based on the classic TV series. This book will tell them everything they need to know about one of the most famous aliens of all time--with its fun, lighthearted text and unique retro art style!
These should be fun; the cover alone has me sold!

Also sure to be fun is the Kirk-Fu Manual, which is due out in March from Insight Editions. Dayton Ward is writing this, and recently revealed on his blog that Christian Cornia will be illustrating. StarTrek.com released the following "in progress" art previews; the book will apparently featuring both colour and black and white images.

Also from Dayton Ward and Insight Editions are the just released Star Trek IncrediBuilds sets, which feature a wooden model kit of a starship, and a book discussing said ship. Two Star Trek kits have been released so far, the TOS USS Enterprise, and TNG's USS Enterprise-D.

Amazon have added preview images for the TOS book, giving us a look inside:

Meanwhile the Incredibuilds website released this new image of a suggestion of how to paint up the model kit.

You can see more preview images from both of the Star Trek Incredibuilds sets in my previous report.

Finally, Amazon have also posted sort-of-new preview pages from Titan Books Star Trek Lost Scenes book, due in August. The book by David Tilotta and Curt Mcaloney presents a collection of rare images from the production of The Original Series, including cut scenes, bloopers, and behind the scenes imagery.

Several preview pages were released when the book was first announced, but at rather low resolution. But here we can now get a proper look at what's to come with higher res versions:

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