Tuesday 12 June 2018

Anovos reveal Discovery phaser rifle replica

Anovos have announced their second Star Trek Discovery prop replica, a rather impressive re-creation of the new-look phaser rifle. Like the screen-used props, the rifle is 3D printed, and like all of Anovos' products, is meticulously detailed based on those originals.

The prop will feature several light and interactive features, and comes with a display stand (which is itself inspired by the Golden Gate Bridge apparently).

Pre-orders are open now, for an expected winter release - Arming yourself to deter Klingon invasion will set you back a mere $1500. Continue below for a closer look at all it's features.

The phaser includes several light functions, including a tactical light beside the barrel, and faux laser sight beneath it.

The top of the phaser includes an indicator for stun and kill settings, switched using a button on the side. Perhaps most impressively, the sight will include an OLED display with HUD graphics.

The front barrel rotates for different settings, each indicated by a different coloured light.

The phaser rifle follow's Anovos's similarly specced phaser pistol, released last year.

If you were hoping for props at a more accessible price point, I'm afraid you might be in for a longer wait than expected. McFarlane Toys have just made a statement on the apparent cancellation of their own phaser pistol, which was going to have to have a bright orange emitter to denote it as a toy gun. While they've not given up entirely, it's not looking like an imminent release is happening:
Based on federal, state and local regulations around replica/toy weapons, McFarlane Toys has decided to cancel pre-orders on the Star Trek Discovery Phaser 2018 release until we can determine a more acceptable way to release it without compromising the integrity of the item. We are still pursuing options on releasing this item in the future.  We apologize for any inconvenience and disappointment this may have caused the fans.

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