Monday 5 February 2018

Non-fiction round-up: Lost Scenes, biographies, obsession, posters, and cats

I've got an assortment of news on a very varied selection of Star Trek non-fiction books coming over the next few months, including new previews of the next Star Trek Cats and poster books, details of new in-universe biographies, and and update to Obsessed with Star Trek. But first...

Due out in August from Titan Books, is Star Trek: Lost Scenes, a new behind the scenes book by David Tilotta and Curt McAloney of, which presents their restoration of rare clips from the production of TOS in a new accessible format:
Fascinating compilation of previously unseen and fully restored stills from The Original Series, showing William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and other cast crew filming the iconic show.

Think you know everything about the Original Series? Think again. Star Trek: The Lost Scenes is packed with hundreds of never-before-seen color photos of the world's ultimate sci-fi series. Professionally restored images are used to chronicle the making of the series, reassemble deleted scenes, and showcase bloopers from the first pilot through the last episode. Whether you're a new Star Trek fan or a seasoned veteran, this book is a must-have. released the cover, and a whole load of preview pages - Alas at rather low resolution so we can't really take in what they're showing, but at least get a good idea of the format. They report the book will cover some fifty lost scenes, using photography and script excerpts. Other sections will cover optical effects, filming miniatures, makeup, exterior shooting locations, and bloopers. Over 700 photos will fill the 272 page book. It looks like quite the treat!

Meanwhile in the 24th century... Also from Titan Books, The Autobiography of Jean-Luc Picard, which was released last year in hardcover, is now due for paperback release, arriving in July.

Speaking to TrekMovie a while ago, author David Goodman also revealed he is working on a Spock autobiography, the third in this series, which began with Kirk:
And with the Spock book, for anyone who has also read the Kirk and Picard books, I am going to reward them. There are scenes in both the Kirk book and the Picard book that are then seen from Spock’s point of view in the Spock book. The third book will sort of tie the three books together, but it will also be its own story. I am very excited to write about Spock’s childhood and his early years in Starfleet before he became Kirk’s first officer.
Also featuring Captain Picard, as a Sphynx cat, is the latest in Jenny Parks' Star Trek Cats series, Star Trek: The Next Generation Cats, which is due out in March from Chronicle Books. Amazon have now posted new preview pages from this book, including a furious and fluffy Mr Worf, and the whole crew lounging on the bridge (I especially like Doctor Crusher just chilling on that tactical rail).

For those who considered themselves particularly fanatical about Star Trek, Titan Books are planning an updated version of Chip Carter's Obsessed with Star Trek, the interactive quiz book.
Comprehensive quiz book containing more than 2,500 questions about the Star Trek TV series and Movies, from The Original Series right through to the recent JJ Abrams films.

This update to the original Obsessed With Star Trek quiz book includes 200 new questions based on the exciting films of a new Star Trek era: Star Trek (2009), Star Trek Into Darkness and Star Trek Beyond. The updated edition is being released in paperback, with answers at the bottom of each page. This compact, yet comprehensive book will engage and challenge even the greatest fan. Test your knowledge of the Star Trek universe!
The blurb their describes it as a paperback release, although Amazon are currently listing it in hardcover; presumably they'll make their minds up before the October release - Which sadly doesn't seem to be far enough away to include any Discovery trivia, if the omission of any mention of that series in the blurb is any indication.

Finally, back in the 23rd century, Insight Editions have a new poster collection book on the way. Amazon again have posted preview pages, which reveal a somewhat jumbled assortment of images in the book, including movie posters, promotional photos and some of Juan Ortiz' retro poster designs. The Official Poster Collection is expected to arrive in June.

To keep track of all the latest releases, hit the non-fiction or books buttons on my 2018 schedule page. You can also find series reading lists and author bibliographies on my dedicated Star Trek lists site.

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