Sunday 17 June 2018

McFarlane Toys Captain Kirk and Picard action figure previews

McFarlane Toys' first Star Trek releases, the Captain Kirk and Captain Picard action figures, are due out any day now, and so of course they have released a whole bunch of images to show of their new creations. Continue below to check them both out.

Both figures are at a seven inch scale, and feature numerous points of articulation, a Star Trek styled base, and a whole load of accessories. Captain Kirk, in his TV era yellow uniform, comes with a phaser pistol, communicator, and a phaser rifle.

Captain Picard, also depicted in his TV era uniform, is also equipped with a phaser pistol, but his only other accessory is much more personal; his Ressikan flute.

These are the first of several planned Star Trek releases from McFarlane, who have previously suggested they are also working on a larger scale Captain Kirk, and several Star Trek: Discovery action figures, but none have been officially solicited just yet. See my Trek Collective list for details of everything hinted at so far.

The Discovery phaser toy-prop they were working on was offered for pre-order for a while, but was recently withdrawn while McFarlane seek a solution to avoid having to release a toy gun with a bright orange emitter in some markets.

To stay up to date on all the latest Star Trek toy and model releases, check my 2018 schedule page, and for listings of various ranges, including the McFarlane action figure line and DST starships, see Trek Collective Lists.


Trekkifan said...

Somme pictures are wrong - in red, its all Jean-Luc Picard - it is not Kirk.

dave said...

Strange that 3 of the Picard pictures are captioned as James T. Kirk ūüėĀ

Unknown said...

Picard needs to be able to face-palm.

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