Friday 16 February 2018

Bye Bye Robot's Discovery art prints

Bye Bye Robot have revealed a new range of art prints based on Star Trek Discovery. Seven prints are available from three different artists, featuring variously the ships and characters of the series. Continue below to check them out.

Four different designs come from Cliff Cramp, who has previously produced TOS and DS9 artwork for Bye Bye Robot. Three of the new prints feature the ships of the series, and are limited editions to just 40 prints a piece - All the other prints in the new collection are not such limited editions. All of Cramp's pieces are 18 x 24 inches

USS Discovery

USS Shenzhou



Mark Brayer is also a returning artist for Bye Bye Robot, having previously produced several different TOS works, in a distinctive retro style reminiscent of Lou Feck's classic Star Trek book covers. The new Discovery piece fields right at home among that series. This print is 16 x 24 inches.

Finally new artist J.J. Lendl also delivers a bit of a retro style, but I find these pieces more reminiscent pulp fiction novels. Lendl's two prints are 18 x 24 inches. These pieces seem to come off the back of a widely shared series of posters for each episode of Discovery on social media, so check out Lendl's Instagram to see a whole load more Discovery art!



All these new designs, along with Bye Bye Robot's previous Star Trek releases, are available on their website.

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