Wednesday 21 February 2018

McFarlane Toys Star Trek Toy Fair previews

At the recent New York Toy Fair McFarlane Toys had a few of their forthcoming Star Trek releases on display, including the first look at their Star Trek: Discovery phaser, and updates on their first Star Trek action figures. Continue below to check them out:

The Discovery phaser will be their first role-play item, and they expect to release it towards the end of the summer or early autumn. It can separate into three parts, including the small hand-phaser on top, and the battery pack inside the grip; the mock-up of the packaging they had on display even suggest they will package it in exploded form. They also had a painted version on display, and to hand a prototype to demonstrate all the light and sound features. Images below come via Awesome Toy Blog,, and TrekCore, and you can see more on all of those, but you should definitely check TrekCore's coverage especially for a really good look at the prototype.

Also on display were the first two seven-inch action figures, Captains Picard and Kirk, giving us a better look at the articulation than previously released images, and how they sit in the lovely new style packaging. McFarlane had previously announced two Discovery figures too, Burnham and T'Kuvma, but those weren't ready for display yet. Images via Toy News International and Awesome Toy Blog:

These first two figures have been available for pre-order for a while already, with Entertainment Earth currently expected them in April.

Additionally, at the London Toy Fair a few weeks ago, McFarlane also had on display a mock-up of their first planned ten inch action figure, a Trouble with Tribbles version of Kirk. Image via Idle Hands:

To stay up to date on all the latest Star Trek toy and model releases, check my 2018 schedule page, and for listings of various ranges, including the McFarlane action figure line, see Trek Collective Lists.

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