Friday 7 April 2017

TNG itty bittys, and other Hallmark Star Trek updates

Hallmark have announced a new range of TNG itty bittys plush toys, including a cuddly USS Enterprise-D. Meanwhile new Keepsakes ornaments are also on the way, with a strong TNG focus this 30th anniversary year. Continue below for all the details.

Revealed via a YouTube video (co-presented by Star Trek author Kevin Dilmore), four TNG characters have been announced in itty bittys form. Captain Picard and Worf will be released together with the Enterprise-D:

Meanwhile Geordi and Data are to be an online two-pack according to the video. Although they are already up for pre-order (for an August release), and are listed separately...

These TNG itty bittys follow the TOS range released last year.

Also recently announced are Hallmark's convention exclusives for the year, which includes a San Diego Comic Con exclusive Star Trek Keepsake ornament. The USS Enterprise-C is returning; having been available in as-new condition in 2015, a trip through a temporal anomaly has returned it battled damaged this time around. This will be a limited edition of 3,325, and will also be offered at the Las Vegas Star Trek convention this year.

Finally, news slipped out way back October of other Star Trek Keepsakes coming this year. At the New York Comic Con Hallmark previewed several of their line-up, including a preliminary look at a Captain Picard and Data diorama, which will join the previously announced USS Franklin. So far it appears that is the whole range for 2017, which is notable after a long run of at least three Star Trek ornaments a year.

For a look back at all the previous Star Trek Hallmark Keepsakes, see my Trek Collective list.

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