Friday 14 April 2017

QMx's 1/6th scale Captain Picard figure

QMx have revealed the fourth figure in their range of 1/6th scale articulated Star Trek action figures, and this time they've jumped a century away from the previous TOS releases, to bring the first TNG character in the range, Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

Like all the other figures in the range, this twelve inch tall version of Picard is impressively detailed, with a realistic head sculpt and perfect miniature uniform. As standard Picard comes equipped with a phaser, tricorder, PADD, and a cup of tea! He also has holsters for his tricorder and phaser, which delightfully attach magnetically to the waist. Plus there's an assortment of hands for holding all these things, and pointing.

Additionally QMx offer an exclusive from their own webshop, which comes with a phaser rifle too, and appropriate extra hands to hold it. Continue below for a look at all the details of this figure.

Here are the accessories that come with the regular version of the figure:

And the optional phaser rifle, which also comes with a couple of extra hands:

And here's the good captain in action:

Captain Picard is available to order now from QMx, and joins the already released Kirk, Spock, and McCoy figures. QMx have plans for many more to come; already previewed are Picard's crewmates Worf and Data, plus the rest of the TOS bridge crew, and characters from The Wrath of Khan and Star Trek Beyond.

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