Friday 28 April 2017

New Canadian Star Trek coins

The Royal Canadian Mint have revealed two new coins joining their range of Star Trek coins. Continue below to check them out.

First up we have a Five Captains coin, featuring the captains of the five live action TV series as printed section, clustered around a molded Starfleet delta. But there's more to this coin than meets the daylight eye, as it also glows in the dark, to reveal a completely different USS Enterprise design!

As ever Queen Elizabeth II is found on the other side, this time sitting among a tessellated field of maple leaves! The coin has a face value of thirty Canadian dollars, but is made from two ounces of silver, so will actually set you back just shy of two-hundred dollars!

It comes in a spacious display case, which parts down the center to reveal the coin. Five-thousand of this coin will be minted.

The second coin is called The Borg, and features a printed image of a Borg Cube chasing the Enterprise-D, sat among details of a Borg hull.

This coin has a face value of twenty Canadian dollars, but again is made from silver, one ounce this time, so will set you back a bit over a hundred dollars in reality.

This too comes in a bespoke display case, this one the latest example of a Borg Cube being used as packaging. Ten-thousand of this coin are being produced.

For a look at all the previous Royal Canadian Mint Star Trek coins, see my Trek Collective List.

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