Thursday 27 April 2017

New Star Trek postage stamps from Canada Post

Following up on last year's range of TOS focused postage stamps, Canada Post have returned for a second outing that spans much more of the Star Trek universe. Seven new stamps have been released, offered in a variety of formats to appeal to all types of collectors. Continue below to check them out.

Let's start by going over the seven designs, which include a unique Borg Cube shaped stamp! This higher value stamp (five Canadian dollars), is the first ever novelty shaped Star Trek stamp (though surely it's only a matter of time before someone does a Starfleet delta or Enterprise shaped one!).

The stamp also features an embossed texture and metallic finish, as you can see in action in the image below. Alas it is also the trickiest to get hold of, not offered individually like all the other designs, but only in various collector focused formats (see further below).

Another ship, the TOS shuttle craft is the subject of its own stamp, released in the same self adhesive roll format as the similar USS Enterprise and Klingon stamps from last year - You can get coils of up to 50 of them!

Then the rest of the designs form a series featuring the series captains (or admiral in the case of Kirk), paired with prominent adversaries: Kirk and Khan, Picard and Locutus, Sisko and Dukat, Janeway and the Borg Queen, and Archer and Dolim.

The entire range is available in a collector's booklet, which includes pages of Star Trek history around bound miniature sheets of the stamps. This is the only way to get an unfranked version of the Borg Cube stamp.

UPDATE: Canada Post have released a video flipping through the whole booklet:

All seven stamps are also available as first day covers, offered on bespoke full colour envelopes with a very attractive set on individually themed franks for each stamp:

The five captain vs stamps are also offered on a set of postcards:

And those five captain stamps can be got unfranked too in several formats. The most accessible is a simple booklet of ten stamps, ideal for actual use as stamps!

Then for collectors there's a miniature sheet (which you can also get framed if so inclined):

Or if you're really into them you can get an uncut press sheet of six-miniature sheets as seen in the collector's book.

Finally for those that really want to display, two of the stamps, Admiral Kirk and Captain Picard, are offered in large format framed presentations, with a copy of the first day cover, and a large print of the stamp design. The Kirk version is signed by William Shatner too! Both are limited editions of 600.

For a look back at all the previously available Star Trek postage stamps, see my Trek Collective List.

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