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Friday, 23 September 2016

DST's Romulan Bird of Prey, Khan Select figure, and more

A round up of Diamond Select Toys latest Star Trek offerings today, starting with a new ship in their Starship Legends range of electronic starship models: Due out next month is the Romulan Bird of Prey, which is only the second non-Starfleet ship in the series so far (following the Klingon Bird of Prey). DST recently tweeted a new photo of the model, which revealed an exciting and attractive new feature, the ship will have window lighting!

Doesn't she look pretty lit-up! The Bird of Prey is also expected to have sound features, and DST have released a couple of new images of the model better lit too:

With the initial release imminent I'm sure we can expect to see variants on the horizon (surely at least a cloaked version), and beyond the Bird of Prey the Starship Legends series is due to continue with the USS Reliant, hopefully coming next year.

Meanwhile also expected in October is the latest figure in the Star Trek Select range, Khan Noonien Singh, who comes with multiple spare limbs to allow different poses, and the bridge chair from the USS Reliant to sit in. DST recently posted a photo of the packaging on Facebook, and with all those spare body parts it looks like Khans twin has had a rather unfortunate transporter accident!

Here are the out of the box images too, showing  a couple of the posing options:

The Star Trek Select line is also set to continue, with the next figure not yet revealed, but previously hinted to be a TNG character.

In other action figure ranges, already out earlier this year, DST have reissued the reproduction of the Mego bridge playset.

DST also had plans to reissue the retro cloth figures to go with the playset, but it seems there was not enough interest, as was explained in recent Ask DST Q and A's:
...there was very little interest from retailers in a re-issue of the TOS retro cloth releases. We would like to find a way to release some of the new TOS figures we showed, but we have no plans for any more TNG or other TOS retro cloth figures at this point.
Those new figures included a generic redshirt, which was planned to be released with a couple of different head variants, and a new Cheron figure, with the black and white sides reversed from the previous release, giving you a Lokai to pair with the previously release Bele.

DST were also hoping to reissue some of the TOS Minimates in a set featuring all the main crew, but that doesn't seem to be happening either:
We really would like to do something with Minimates for the 50th, but the retailers did not seem interested when we checked with them. We’ve not given up yet, but we’ll have to see.
There is more hope in other areas however, while there is no release date yet, DST are still working on their latest Trek Tech prop, the TNG phaser.


Fox said...

Do we know if the Reliant will be to-scale with the 1701 models (IE so they could re-use a lot of the same molds) or bigger?

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Eric Trueheart said...

I have to ask if you're OK. The site hasn't been updated in nearly two months, and now the bots are posting comments.

Chris said...

I am missing the updates. Something must have happened.

LauraZena said...


Léon said...

I hope that you are well? I visit this site daily and there hasn't been an update in a long while.

LauraZena said...

Ditto what Leon said.

Komaro Kamachi said...

what's happen to website, i don't read any new posts, is someone have news ?


Fox said...

I think after a certain length of inactivity blogger will shut it down. Presumably 8of5 is not simply bored, but is either ill, dealing with personal issues, or dead (hopefully not, but it happens).

Twitter, other blogs, tumblr, etc., have all been inactive for much longer than this blog; facebook link is broken. So who knows?

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Komaro Kamachi said...

Rest in Peace 8of5...

Candy Sim said...

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David said...

An entire discussion on another forum concluded that 8o5 hasn't passed away. He is just taking a break for some reason. 8o5 if you read this, you should message your friends. They're worried about you. I'm a total stranger that was simply wondering if you were okay.

Komaro Kamachi said...

Oh cool, thanks David
That's a very good news. I have he will returned ang give us some news.

Many other Star trek things will come in 2017 !

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