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Friday, 2 September 2016

You can soon 3D print your very own Star Trek Online armada

Cryptic Studios have announced the most excited expansion to Star Trek Online yet: The game will soon be entering the real world, in the form of 3D printed model starships from Eucl3D.

You will soon be able to order twelve inch models of any of your ships in the game - And with the game featuring several hundred starship designs from every corner of the Star Trek universe, and endless ways to customise them, that is one huge range of potential ships just waiting to be printed!

Details of pricing and how to order are yet to be announced (but based on what they quote for products from other games, I'd expect somewhere between $100-$200 for models this size). Cryptic and Eucl3D have released a load of pictures with sample models of several unique Star Trek Online ships. Continue below to check them out:

UPDATE: And a few more pictures (including the Enterprise-F) via Cryptic's Thomas Marrone, and the Priority One podcast:


Mark Bernero said...

The quality of the work looks really good. I would only be interested in "canon" ships( constitution,Ambassador,Soverign etc) from STO, however.

Mark Bernero said...

I see that one ship was based on a Defiant concept sketch and on ship looks like a distorted version of the Galaxy Class. I imagine Defiant and Ent-D would look like this in the JJ verse!!!!!!

8of5 said...

STO has just about every canon ship there is (certainly among the main playable species at least), and then typically has numerous variations of each each design, and the ability to customise even further.

Fox said...

Yeah... that pricing estimate is (hopefully) way, way, way too much. Paying twice as much for a ship model half the size (if that) of a Diamond Select ship, minus the spiffy lights and sound effects? No thanks.

They do look nice, even if I'm not a big fan of STO's original Federation ships (too busy, too grimdark). But in general, this is a pretty cool idea, and may well be the only way we're able to get decent models of the Titan or Aventine barring the intervention of Our Lord and Savoir, Eaglemoss.

Though, as much as I'd love an Aventine model, I'd not pay $100 for one.

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Bernd Perplies said...

I'd love to have some of those ships, but the surface looks just terrible. That's a problem of 3D printing. You just don't get a smooth surface. And not even the great paintjob can hide that.

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Kamen RiderUK said...

Looks like the company who was going to do these ships has closed down

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