Saturday 21 May 2016

Second Star Trek Beyond trailer, and poster, released - UPDATED

The second trailer for Star Trek Beyond is online now. Enjoy!

The Star Trek Beyond twitter account has also released this glorious poster:

Both releases came simultaneously with the Star Trek Beyond fan event hosted at Paramount Studios in LA, which also included a few other treats. Continue below for information (now updated with videos from the event):

Here are a few screen-caps of highlights (I'll update with a full breakdown tomorrow).

The thing that jumped out at and most excites me is this amazing new warp effect!

We get some really good looks at what is presumably Starbase Yorktown, which isn't nearly as much a planet as it first appeared. The interior seems to have surfaces with gravity working in multiple directions, which is ready for some exciting actions scenes (that we get the briefest glimpse of).

There are also some really interesting shots, like this unusual view of the Enterprise leaving the starbase

And some fleeting glimpses of the USS Franklin, which looks amazingly similar to the NX class. Looks like the Enterprise isn't the only ship that has to deal with the swarm here.

Which wasn't so good for the Enterprise...

Interesting new alien construct here:

And could this be the rescue of the Enterprise crew?

Then of course there's our bad guys.

And a really good look at Krall (his make-up looks much better up close don't you think?)

On top of the trailer, at the fan event, a behind the scenes video was also screened, and a further video tribute to Leonard Nimoy. Neither have been released online yet, but hopefully they will be soon. The behind the scenes video in particular highlighted that some fifty aliens have been designed for the film, as a nod to the fiftieth anniversary. UPDATE: Geek Culture have uploaded video of the Spock tribute screening:

Also at the event was director Justin Lin, and producer J.J. Abrams, who were interviewed on stage. And then actors Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, and Karl Urban (Kirk, Spock, and McCoy), who took a Q&A. TrekMovie were thankfully on hand live streaming both sessions, and hope to post their full video online for later viewing. Highlights included the promise that the film has some sort of significant dedication to Leonard Nimoy. Also mentioned is the way the crew is split up after the destruction of the Enterprise - The previous trailer put a very pleasing focus on Spock and McCoy being stuck together, but Chris Pine also seemed very enthusiastic about how Kirk and Chekov's pairing works. Surprisingly J.J. Abrams also made a point of highlighting that thanks to pressure from Justin Lin the Paramount lawsuit against the Axanar fan film will be "going away".

UPDATE: Both interview sections are now online, again thanks to Geek Culture. The Abrams and Lin section also includes a recording of the behind the scenes video:

The whole event took place in a pretty spectacular purpose built set. Here's a nice panoramic of the room via TrekMovie:

UPDATE: And here's a shot of the stage area, via the Star Trek Facebook page's gallery of images from the event:

Interestingly the dedication plaque of the USS Enterprise-A (prime timeline) also featured in this set. Think they're trying to tell us something? (Image via TrekCore)

Those in attendance were also treated to an exclusive poster, a nice homage to the The Motion Picture poster, which looks especially cool with Jaylah's facial markings. (Image via TrekMovie. UPDATE: Better image via Reddit):

That's not all they got, everyone there will also be invited to the film's world premier n July 20th at the San Diego Comic Con. Trek News, has more details on that event, which rather unusually for a film premier will also feature a live soundtrack performed by the San Diego Symphony Orchestra. Oh, and will also be the first ever open-air IMAX screening!

Meanwhile back at tonight's event, the crow were ushered outside to witness a further tribute to Leonard Nimoy, the naming of a street in his honour. (Image via the Star Trek Twitter)

The crowd were then led off to watch the trailer. Plus they got to see a little something extra, three scenes from the film. Cinema Blend have good descriptions of what they were shown, which included: A Captain's log montage describing the tiredness of the crew three year's into the mission as the Enterprise is on it's way to Starbase Yorktown. The scene we saw a snippet of in the trailer where Kirk and McCoy share a drink; apparently Kirk is down about it being his birthday/anniversary of his dad's death. And the swarm attack on the Enterprise.

After the screenings, attendees were taken to an exhibit of costumes and props from the movie. (Images via Adam B. Vary, Lorenzo, and Marcus Errico. UPDATE: Better images via the Star Trek Facebook page and Geek Culture)

Check back later for more updates. To keep track of all the latest information on the film, visit my Star Trek Beyond guide page.


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"Fear of death is illogical."

Well, there go all my hopes and dreams of Bob Orci not being too involved in the script. A line that awful could not have come from anyone else.

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A much better trailer. I'm actually hyped to see it now.

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