Tuesday 10 May 2016

More 50 Artists 50 Years art revealed, on mugs! Plus other new Trek drink-wear

Hope you're thirsty, as there is quite a variety of new Star Trek drinking vessels and bare-ware around. Continue below for new glasses, bottles, a decanter, and bottle opener. But first, mugs!

I pick mugs first because I believe this latest range of rather lovely artistic designs from Culturenik might well be revealing several pieces of art from the 50 Artists 50 Years exhibition. It has not been confirmed in any of the product descriptions, but we have seen one of the designs in previous previews for that 50th anniversary art collection, all the artists are involved in the collection, and it's hard to believe these have all been commissioned just for use on mugs!

My personal favourite is the glorious comic-book style collection of classic scenes from the original series, which is apparently titled Risk is Our Business!, by Mick Cassidy.

This is one of just two of the mug designs which doesn't repeat the same image on each side of the mug. There are some repeated images here, so I imagine the artwork has been reformatted for use on the mug, with the few squares repeated to fill in the gaps. It will be nice to see what the original artwork looks like when it is revealed.

The other wrap around design is Matt Ferguson's striking rendition of Arena.

Among the other mugs, there are two further episode specific designs. This What Are Little Girls Made Of? image is by Mark Reihill.

Meanwhile Dave Merrell has a take on Space Seed.

From Marco D'Alfonso we have Boldly Go, featuring Kirk, Spock and McCoy

Rocco Malatesta's Live Long and Prosper is the only piece which has already been previewed, in the first batch of artwork revealed for the exhibition.

Then there's some pure exploration in Tim Anderson's Where No Man Has Gone Before.

Captain Picard is the the focus of one of two TNG designs in this mug series, this piece by Paul Oz appears to be titled Make It So.

And the whole TNG main cast, even Doctor Pulaski, gather in Nicky Barkla's The Final Frontier.

That's all the mugs for now. But there is no shortage of options if you want a Trek-tinged drink of something. Continuing the TNG theme, ThinkGeek have released a set of four pint glasses emblazoned with the 24th century insignia badge:

And for acting ensigns only, there's a separate Wesley Crusher style glass.

Back in the 23rd century Just Funky also have a new pint glass, this one featuring a rather large version of the insignia of that period.

And also from Just Funky is this Spock beer mug.

New from Vandor for trekkies out trekking... Are two water bottles, a twenty-four ounce sports bottle, and thirty-two ounce, not-sport... bottle.

 Also from Vandor, for more civilised times back at home, a set of starship schematic coasters.

And if you're feeling Really civilised, Bradford Exchange have this decanter set, complete with a Starfleet insignia bottle stopper.

Finally, if you need a little help getting into bottles, Bmerch have opened a new online shop (for UK customers) making a single place where you can find the many variants of their now quite familiar USS Enterprise bottle opener, the Klingon Bird of Prey cork screw, and newly added to the range, the USS Enterprise-D bottle opener!

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