Monday 16 May 2016

Latest Star Trek movie bluray releases

As previously reported, there is a new and improved bluray release of The Wrath of Khan on the way, and details of which have now been released. Plus all the prime-timeline films have new steelbook releases coming too. Continue below for the details of all those:

The Wrath of Khan has been remastered to 4K standard, but this latest release is using that master for a bluray edition - According to The Digital Bits, a 4K Ultra HD release is still expected, possibly later in the year. This Bluray version is due out in June. On the disc you will find both the theatrical and director's cuts, plus a new half an hour documentary, The Genesis Effect: Engineering The Wrath of Khan. All the various commentaries and documentaries from previous home video releases will also be included. Wrapping it all up is a snazzy new cover, using Tyler Stout's Mondo poster artwork.

Meanwhile in Europe, all ten of the prime timeline films are set for re-issue in July, in new steelbook packaging. As far as I can see, these are just the old releases of the films in new packaging. Curiously The Motion Picture artwork is stating this is the Director's Edition, but that never has been (nor is expected to be any time soon) released on bluray, so I suspect that is an artwork error. So far these are showing up in European markets, I've seen them on Amazon Italy, and Zavvi and Zoom in the UK.

 If you get all ten, the spines line up the make a version of the 50th anniversary logo.

And here's what the covers look like inside and on the back.

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Brian Madsen said...

Not surprisingly, yes, not the Director's Edition:

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