Sunday 17 January 2016

New big Borg Cube coming to Attack Wing, and previews of latest releases

A little over a year ago Wizkids released their first oversized models for the Star Trek: Attack Wing miniatures game, including a big Borg Cube model, and now they have plans for the Borg to return, this time with a Borg Cube that can launch its own Borg Sphere. ICv2 report, that June will see the release of the "Borg Cube with Sphere port", which will include two ships, Borg Cube 384, with the new Sphere launch port detailing, and Sphere 936, ready to launch from it.

The Borg Cube is different as far as the port goes, although the detailing looks otherwise quite similar to the previous release on the CG mock-up. The Sphere will be a new paint-job compared to previous releases, designed to match the finish of the Cube.

Meanwhile, monthly releases of Wizkids normal sized Attack Wing expansions continue as ever. Read on below for a look at this month's new ships.

January has brought us wave twenty-two in the series, which includes the Federation Defiant class USS Valiant, the Romulan scout vessel RIS Pi, and the Andorian battle cruiser Kumari. The Andorian ship is a brand new mold, and only the second model ever of this design, following Eaglemoss's version last year. Here they all are as they come packaged.

And here's what you'll find inside: have posted details of the cards included with each pack, which you can find here, here, and here.

For a look back at all the previous releases, and other forthcoming waves in Attack Wing, see my list on Trek Collective Lists. And if you're a fan of Borg Cubes, you might also find my Borg Cube models list of interest.

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