Tuesday 19 January 2016

First ever Star Trek: Enterprise stamps, from Liberia!

More Star Trek stamps! Following the recently DS9 stamps from Guyana and Palau, and news of the forthcoming United States TOS stamps, Liberia have now chipped in with the first ever postage stamps focusing on Star Trek: Enterprise; including a Shran stamp!

The Inter-Governmental Philatelic Corporation, who produce and promote special stamp designs from various countries around the world, report these latest stamps were issued at the end of December, and focus on the alien species featured in Enterprise. As well as the Andorian, also featured are Silik of the Suliban, the Klingon Doctor Antaak, dearest Doctor Phlox of Denobula, and two Vulcans, T'Pol and Suval.

Phlox features again on a separate sheet, on a higher value stamp.

These aren't Liberia's first Star Trek stamps, they have previously issued several TOS designs. You can check out those, and all the other previous Star Trek postage stamps, on my philatelic Trek Collective List.

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