Saturday 30 January 2016

Star Trek Beyond's USS Franklin!

A new ship from Star Trek Beyond has been revealed! The Omaze fundraising campaign last year, which included a competition to win visits to the sets and a walk on roll in the film in exchange for a charitable donation, also offered backers the chance to buy extra goodies depending on levels of donations made. One of those options was to get some concept art from the film, and it seems some of that is already been sent out. TrekCore have posted the following image, sent to D.B. Wilson, which pictures a brand new Starfleet starship, the USS Franklin.

We've had hints this ship had some part to play in the story, with uniform patches seen in the trailer sporting that ship's name. Presumably this is the older looking ship the crew appear to reunite in, also seen in the trailer, perhaps allowing them escape from the planet they have been marooned on.

This is a much smaller design that most of the ships we have seen in the nuTrek films so far, it appears to be largely a single deck across the saucer, with the bridge, featuring the usual window/viewscreen, perched on top. I rather like that is a vaguely reminiscent of the NX class too. If as I speculate it is an older ship than the Enterprise that would make it something of a bridging design. Keep in mind this is billed as concept art, so might not represent the exact final form of the ship.

Head on over to TrekCore for a close look at the new artwork, they also have some higher res views of sections of the image.

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Unknown said...

It's the most TOS-styled ship so far, I give them that. But still it's also not really very creative or stand out very much.

Gojirasaurus said...

Looks like Eaglemoss is soliciting their USS Franklin NCC-1743 model already. It's a larger-sized special at the corresponding increased price. The model # is EM-STSP07.

Gojirasaurus said...

I'm going to assume the registry is some placeholder since it's associated with the RPG Franklin, but who knows.

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