Wednesday 6 January 2016

DST's NX-01 and 1701 model upgrades

Due out in a few months from Diamond Select Toys, is the Enterprise NX-01, a substantially reworked reissue of the first ever ship in their Starship Legends range of electronic starship models. This release features a new and hugely improved paint-job, and a a host of new sounds and light effects, including dialogue clips, and a lights-on feature - All of which are demonstrated in this new video:

For some reason DST seem to be using a photo (above) of the old paint-job when they solicited this re-release, but they did just release this new photo (below), with the lights on, on their social media channels:

Already available, released a couple of months ago is the latest iteration of their TOS USS Enterprise. The outside has not been updated from previous releases, but it does have some really cool new sounds, including the opening monologue, and lovely bridge sounds to accompany the lights-on feature:

Also due out at some point this year is the Romulan Bird of Prey, and they apparently have a still unidentified Starfleet ship in the works to look forward to. For a look back at all the ships in the Starship Legends series, check out my latest Trek Collective list.


Fox said...

I'm watching this video with my NX-01 in my hands, and for the life of me I can't figure out how the paint is supposed to be different on the new model.

8of5 said...

The paint is a HUGE improvement. I have the original one too, looks almost like leopard print! The new version is much closer to the on-screen appearance, and the finish we've seen on other releases of the NX-01.

mark bernero said...

The sounds and paint are a huge improvement. I definately want this one!

Unknown said...

Did they fix the nacells ? Do they still fall off easy

Unknown said...

Did they fix the nacells ? Do they still fall off easy

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