Thursday 24 December 2015

The Roddenberry Vault opens in 2016

Roddenberry Entertainment has announced their own year long celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of Star Trek, with the opening of the Roddenberry Vault. Throughout the year the Roddenberry Facebook page, will be making posts, including "rare photos, memos, script pages, documents, and the like".

To wet our appetites, Entertainment Weekly has posted three advanced extra excerpts from the Vault, which give a good representation of the variety of things we have to look forward to. First up, a storyboard image from The Motion Picture, showing the Enterprise departing spacedock as the sun shines over the crest of the Earth behind:

Then, also from The Motion Picture, is Leonard Nimoy in the make-up chair, becoming Spock:

And finally, an early draft of the TOS opening monologue, which has a rather more Gold Key Comics flare than what we got in the end!

You can read a little more about these advanced posting on Entertainment Weekly, and of course keep your eye on the Roddenberry Facebook page through 2016 for more!

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