Sunday 6 December 2015

Enterprise and Archer coins

Perth Mint have released their fifth captain and coin set, this one featuring Captain Jonathan Archer, an the Enterprise NX-01. Like the rest of their Star Trek coin series, the coins have a face value of one Tuvalu dollar, although have been cast in silver. Continue below to check both coins and their packaging.

Both designs are available individually, presented in an illuminated display disc. Each coins is limited to five-thousand pieces in this format.

Alternatively, both coins can be obtained together, in the two coin display case based on a transporter chamber, which has been used throughout the series. One coin sits atop the case, while the other is obscured inside until the chamber is opened. One-and-a-half-thousand copies of the coins are available in this format.

Perth Mint have not yet announced any plans to continue the series beyond the five pairs they initially planned, so this is probably the final release in the series. To check out all the other designs, have a look through my Trek Collective list on the series.

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