Saturday 19 December 2015

Mezco's very impressive Spock figure

We can expect to see a lot of renditions of Kirk and Spock next year: Sculptures, plushes, action figures, and more; but I think Mezco might have just secured their place as the best of the bunch with the reveal of their first Star Trek figure in their One:12 Collective range of super-detailed actions figures.

Due out in April will be a six-and-a-half inch tall TV-era rendition of Spock, featuring twenty-eight points of articulation. Mr Spock will be clothed in a fabric uniform, with two detailed head sculpts (one with an arched eyebrow), multiple exchangeable hands (including live long and prosper and mind meld poses), all the equipment he'll need for missions in the final frontier (including a communicator and tricorder which both have articulated details, as well a as a phaser), and a display base for him to stand on. Continue below for a closer look:

The Spock action figure will come packaged in what Mezco describe as a "deluxe, fifth panel window box featuring character specific artwork and a translucent acetate slipcover", which will suitable way to present him as is, but will also allow for easy removal for independent display.

You can see a couple more images on Mezco's website. It has also been previously suggested this would be one of at least two Star Trek figures from Mezco, the other, of course, being Kirk. So I imagine we can look forward to his reveal sometime down the line.


Nils said...


mark bernero said...

I hope they do one of Mr. Scott!

Rotten said...

Way too doll-like. The Titan maxi bust is way nicer as a representation and as a collectible.

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