Friday 4 January 2013

New Star Trek fabrics

It seems this is truly the year of Star Trek crafting, with the Star Trek Cross Stitch and Star Trek Craft Book on the way in the summer, and now available already a huge range of Star Trek printed fabrics.

If you've ever wanted to make a Star Trek cushion, curtains, bedding, bean bag, skirt, shirt, or just about anything else you could imagine sewing, there are now fabrics waiting for you to get your needles into. Continuing a recent trend in retro style Trek stuff many of them feature Gold Key comics inspired designs too:

All these are available from Here are some real world examples of the fabric, and a tote bag made from two of them, from the Joann and Splendid Play Facebook pages, and reddit:

Joann also offer three non-repeating designs for use as throws, including the only TNG deisgn in their range:

I feel a strong urge to make a USS Enterprise pattern version of a Hawaiian shirt. Shame (or lucky?) they don't deliver to the UK!


graverobbergirl said...

I seriously had a sewing nerd-gasm when I saw some of these fabrics in Jo-Ann's.

Guess who's going to be sporting the best dress ever next week?

8of5 said...

I hope you'll show me the best dress ever. I'd love to see what people are making with this stuff.

Fred said...

My sister is the sewing guru in the family so I'm asking her to make me some great fashions!

BamaKathy said...

I'm making a quilt for my hubby. He loves Star Trek.

Amanda said...

I totally need to make a full skirted dress with some of this fabric!

Unknown said...

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