Sunday 20 January 2013

Countdown to Darkness preview and new cover

Promoted somewhat strangely on a website dedicated solely to it, comes this new variant cover for Countdown to Darkness #1. Regular Star Trek ongoing artist Stephen Molnar gives us, "The Enterprise Edition", which will be limited to 1701 copies, and is available to purchase online in the US and UK. It looks like this:

UPDATE: TrekMovie have now revealed another exclusive cover, this one will be available from Hastings Direct, and is illustrated by Stellar Labs, the same studio that did the interior art in the recent Star Trek ongoing mirror universe story:

Countdown to Darkness #1 is out this week, and Previews have posted the first look inside the prequel comic. Here are the first five dream sequence pages. UPDATE: Trekmovie have now posted the usual seven page preview, so here are in fact, the first seven pages (continues after the jump):



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