Wednesday 23 January 2013

Borg in the Visual Dictionary

Amazon has updated its listing of Star Trek: The Visual Dictionary with a new preview page focused on the Borg:

DK have also sent me a press release, with this new lengthier description of the book:
Star Trek The Visual Dictionary is charting the major voyages of the Starship Enterprise
and the rest of the Star Trek universe. STAR TREK The Visual Dictionary offers a detailed exploration of the strange new worlds (and old ones), the iconic characters, ships,
equipment and alien species of all the Star Trek series.

From Andorians to Vidiians, STAR TREK The Visual Dictionary illustrates the universe’s
various races and includes detailed descriptions of their behaviour and culture. Under
license by CBS Consumer Products, the guide includes annotated images of iconic
equipment, such as Kirk’s command chair, in great detail. Rare material from the
archives of CBS is also included in this ultimate Star Trek guide.

Covering the five live action series, as well as the first ten films, STAR TREK The Visual
Dictionary provides full coverage of fan favourite characters, such as Spock, Bones,
Scotty and Uhura, and full-colour images of ships that would make James T. Kirk proud.

This is the ultimate visual guide to Star Trek for any fan, whether they are new to the
series or have been a fan for years.

Due out in March, you can see more excerpts, here, and here.

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