Tuesday 1 January 2013

Mirrored part 2 preview

Officially out this week, but actually shipped last week, is issue sixteen of the Star Trek ongoing comic series, Mirrored, part two; the concluding part of the mirror universe duology. While basically being a combination of the plots from the 2009 movie and Enterprise's In a Mirror, Darkly, this visit to an alternate alternate universe was great fun - I'd certainly welcome more stories from the nu-mirror (and we were certainly left some nice dangling threads to lead us into a return visit). Although hopefully next time IDW recruit new artists to the series they'll make sure to give them the right reference material, as this story has included appearances from the prime-movie design Enterprise, and uniforms, and classic TOS shuttlecraft; whoopsie!

I have on the whole though really enjoyed the new style of art from Stellar Labs. Here's a little bonus artwork from them - Posted on DeviantART, this the sample art done by Erfan Fajar that got them the job:

And here is a somewhat low-res preview for issue sixteen (continues after the jump):


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