Friday 7 December 2012

Non-fiction update

I was rather disappointed a couple of weeks ago when the first utterly uninspiring cover for the Okuda's On Board the USS Enterprise book and CD-ROM tour appeared. Thankfully it turns out that was just a stand-in, as now Amazon have posted a much more impressive cover for the book, with a brand new picture of the Enterprise flying past a ringed planet. Snazzy:

Amazon have also posted an updated version of the cover for DK's Star Trek: The Visual Dictionary. It has kept the same trio of characters in the center, but has scaled them up, and rearranged some of the other items so it all looks a little less cluttered than the first draft. It also adds the promise of a forward by John De Lancie (aka Q):

Finally the very impressive Federation: The First 150 Years is now out. Finishing of the impressive publicity campaign for the book, there has been a flourish of coverage to mark it's release: TrekCore posted an interview with the book's editor and design, and a two-part interview with the writer. SF Signal posted some new excerpts, and so did io9. So if you've still been indecisive over whether to invest in a copy, go have a look at all those. I for one recommend it; it's got loads of brilliant art, and is also a really enjoyable read; detailing some of the least explored parts of Star Trek history.

Here is Joe Corroney's Romulan War propaganda poster from the book, which he recently posted on Facebook:

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Anonymous said...

Oh man, I REALLY hope that the CD-ROM portion of the Enterprise book is the video files from the old interactive 1701D but in better quality. Please oh please...

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