Thursday 6 December 2012

First Star Trek Into Darkness trailer!

Oh wow, oh golly, oh gosh, this looks exciting! The first trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness:

The trailer is introduced by the commanding and menacing voice of Benedict Cumberbatch's character, stating:
You think your world is safe - It is an illusion; a comforting lie told to protect you. Enjoy these final moments of peace; for I have returned, to have, my, vengeance.

So, shall we begin?

So whoever he is, he's been around before, and doesn't seem to happy about things. Which does fit both the most rumoured candidates for his character; Khan Noonien Singh, and Gary Mitchell. But it could just as easily be someone wholly new.

Shall we take a moment to look at some stills? Well ok, lets start with the the villian of the piece, who seems content to fight Starfleet and Klingons alike:

Top of my list in the "wow" area of this trailer is the crashing of the Enterprise (or a starship at least), which we got a glimpse of both going into the water, and rising up out of it again:


It looks like she's crashed right into San Francisco bay, and there's certainly no shortage of that city (or one with the same colour palette in action) in this trailer:

We also get some more exotic locales. Such as this very red place, which Kirk and McCoy decide to go for a run through, before jumping off a cliff!


Of course we already knew Spock was going into a volcano for some reason. Here he is, re-enacting Revenge of the Sith:

Most of our familiar crew are back, and out of uniform rather frequently:

Plus there's a new girl in town, who doesn't always look entirely pleased:


Not sure who she is, but she sure is channelling Doctor Elizabeth Dehner's hair (Where No Man Has Gone Before).

My biggest concern at the moment though: Why isn't it May yet?!

UPDATE: The Japanese version seems to be compensating for the late release of the film there with ten second more footage on the local trailer, including a very familiar looking shot!:

Surely not?

The trailer also adds an extra line for Cumberbatch, asking: "Is there anything you would not do for your family?". The extra few moments also allow a very pleasing little sting of one of the themes from the soundtrack of the 2009 movie.

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