Thursday 5 April 2012

In Tempest's Wake, a Vanguard coda

In his latest summary of writing projects, Dayton Ward has provided some clarification on what In Tempest's Wake, his forthcoming TOS/Vanguard ebook, actually is. Here's what he had to say:
Back in early February, I was approached by my editor at Pocket Books about writing an e-Book exclusive novella for publication later this year. Specifically, I was asked to write a “coda” for the Star Trek: Vanguard novel series, which recently was given its grand finale in the form of the kick-ass book Storming Heaven by series co-creator David Mack. Though I admit I was reluctant at first to take on such a project, I was able to work with my editor to develop an idea I thought might work, told primarily from the points of view of non-Vanguard characters.

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