Wednesday 18 April 2012

Forgotten History excerpt

Chritopher L. Bennett's second Department of Temporal Investigations novel, Forgotten History is out soon (paper copies should be showing up any day now, and the ebook is out next week), and Simon and Schuster have posted an excerpt online to tempt you. Here is the teaser page:
"Is there any sign of activity from this timeship?" The Director went on.
   "No, ma'am," Dulmer said. "It's adrift. The subspace confluence seems stable."
   "Then we have time to examine the records. I'm granting you full clearance to whatever classified DTI and Federation Science Council records from the period you believe may be relevant to your investigation. I'll request the equivalent clearance from Starfleet Command. And I'll tell you what I can remember about those early days."
   "If it wasn't Grey," Lucsly said, "we should track down who in Starfleet would've headed up the investigation of the Enterprise's temporal incidents. We know Starfleet undertook some reckless experiments with time in those early days. This must have been one of them."
   "Then how did the ship end up with civilian markings?" Dulmur asked. "Department markings?"
   "Don't get ahead of the process, Dulmur," Andos said. "To reconstruct the truth, we need to follow the chain of events from their beginning."
   "And their beginning, as always," Lucsly said, "was James Tiberius Kirk."
You can read all the way up to the start of chapter four, here.

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