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Monday, 30 April 2012

Cross Cult's next TOS cover

Cross Cult have released cover art for their mysterious fourth TOS novel release (following their translation of the Crucible trilogy); and surprisingly it features Harry Mudd, as well as a rather unusual half classic/half refit version of the Enterprise:

As far as I know, Mudd has not appeared in any recent TOS novels (though I admit I'm not a big TOS reader), so could Cross Cult be digging into the archives a bit here? The most Mudd-centric novel I can think of is Mudd in Your Eye, from Jerry Oltion in 1997.

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Destructor1701 said...

That image of the Enterprise is a render of a nifty "detail-enhanced" version of the TOS ship, by a CG artist named Vektor.

Note the subtle RCS thrusters on the saucer rim, and the gentle curvature of the secondary hull and the nacelles.

I do hope Cross Cult secured permission to use the image. It seems, these days, that companies are happy enough to do a Google image search and use what they find at the risk of inciting lawsuits.