Friday 13 April 2012

IDW's Star Trek comics for July have released IDW's Star Trek solicitations for July, and it looks like an exciting month with both classic Trek and classic Who factoring into the 11th Doctor/TNG crossover, plus a new tribble story for the ongoing series, and the second omnibus from that same series.

Star Trek (ongoing) #11: The Truth about Tribbles, Part 1
By Mike Johnson, with art by Claudia Balboni, and a cover by Tim Bradstreet, plus photo and sketch covers.
In the brand-new story, the new Enterprise crew makes the acquaintance of everyone’s favorite cuddly, ravenously hungry, Klingon-hating alien creatures.

By Scott and David Tipton with Tony Lee, and art by J.K. Woodward, plus covers by Woodward and Elena Casagrande (including a black and white version of the latter)
The newest installment in the long-awaited crossover finds Captain Picard and Doctor Who attempting to agree upon the best course of action now that the true horror of the Borg-Cybermen alliance has been revealed. Also in question: will the Doctor’s recently resurfaced memories shed fresh light on the situation?

Star Trek, Volume 2
By Mike Johnson, with art by Joe Corroney, and a cover by Tim Bradstreet.

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Unknown said...

Dang, Fourth Doctor and the crew of the NCC-1701!!

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