Friday 28 October 2011

More ways to die a trekkie

I can't quite believe that for the third time I am reporting on Star Trek themed funeral products (one and two), but here I am again telling you about Eternal Image's latest set of Star Trek caskets. The first time I posted about them (which included the best product they've done, the photon torpedo casket) I jested about preparing to go to Sto-vo-kor, but now it seems they're actually trying to tap into the Klingon market with a new Klingon styled casket:

Also available in Federation and Starfleet versions:


Eternal Image, via TrekToday.


Chadwick said...

Between Star Trek and the band KISS, its always interesting to see who markets what first. They have both marketed everything under the sun. But it was ages ago that KISS came out with a KISS coffin as well as a KISS bib and baby bottle. But I must admit the Enterprise spoon and the Federation coffins are way cooler.

8of5 said...

There are increasingly few things the Enterprise hasn't been turned into now ...a coffin as an oversized engineering hull, with a saucer and warp nacelles would be pretty cool...

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