Friday 16 September 2011

A look inside the Star Trek Vault has posted an interview with Scott Tipton, and his assistant James Sawyer, about their soon to be released book, the Star Trek Vault. Here is how they summarise the book:

The book covers all the television series --including The Animated Series, of which I'm a huge fan -- and the films, and provides for each a brief production history, some critical commentary, the cultural impact, and a look at the merchandising, and does so in a fun, conversational fashion, accompanied by tons of photos and illustrations and reproductions of some of the rarest and most interesting pieces of Trek memorabilia we could find.

And here are some sample pages:
 also has a video preview of the book, which among other things notes that the UK edition, from Aurum Press, will come with a slipcase, yay! It also highlights some of the reproductions that come with the book, including a whole colouring book!

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