Sunday 25 September 2011

Books bits

A few book newslets: recently posted an interview with Dayton Ward on the out-just-about-now next and penultimate Vanguard novel, What Judgments Come. Here's an interesting bit on how the book works as part of the two-part conclusion to the series:
What Judgments Come resolves a few character arcs and storylines on its own, while also "lighting the fuse" for what will be the climactic finish in Storming Heaven. There's even a shared framing sequence that starts and ends both books. Though Storming Heaven will pick up precisely where What Judgment Comes leaves off, Dave, Kevin and I made sure that each book tells its own story while at the same time working together to provide something of a "feature-length series finale episode" feel.
You can read the rest at Meanwhile the Simon and Schuster online catalogue has been updated with a new listing for a TNG book by David R George III. Titled At the Prophet's Door, it's due out next June. Might this be a new title for one of the books in the duology we're expecting from George next year?

Finally, has posted an updated version of Cross Cult's cover for Überträger (Vectors), with Kira and Pulaski now swapped:

This is also the version used in Cross Cult's latest catalogue. There aren’t any new listings or covers in said catalogue, but if you want an idea of Cross Cult's output (Trek and otherwise), it’s worth a look (pdf link).

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