Friday 16 September 2011

Kirsten Beyer's next Voyager novel!

Kirsten Beyer has announced on the TrekBBS the first details of her fourth Voyager novel set after Destiny. The Eternal Tide, will be released in September 2012. Beyer gave a smallest hint of where it will take us:
The story will pick up shortly after the end of Children of the Storm and will resolve two of the biggest ongoing story threads in the continuing Voyager saga.

Which two, you ask?

We'll talk this time next year.
Which is enough to make me very excited, Beyer's Voyager books have been some of the best Star Trek to date; I can't wait!

Thanks to Jens Deffner (of UnrealitySF) for pointing this out to me.

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Unknown said...

I'm reading THE ETERNAL TIDE and if I come across the word "chagrin or chagrined one more time I'm going to puke, burn this book and never pick up one of Kirsten's publications again! The word chagrin is first recognized in the English language in 1656 and is painfully outdated and Obsolete!! It should never appear in a novel more than once or twice and only if the timeline of that novel is set in the 1700 1900 era.The word should never ever ever be used in a story set in the future!! NEVER!I'm on pg.169 and must have come across the word 15 times by now! Chagrined is what our grandparents felt when they would say "Oh fiddlesticks!" Please Kirsten, look the word up in the dictionary...

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