Wednesday 6 July 2011

Star Trek Scrabble, and other games I missed!

Browsing about as I do, I discovered today there is a Star Trek edition of Scrabble! And looking back through my own archive I found I had actually mentioned this before (when Star Trek Monopoly was announced) but failed to follow up on it and a few other games which were announced at the time, so here is the two year delayed follow up!

In 2009 USAopoly announced their version of Star Trek Monopoly (review here), and Fundex planned a whole range of familiar games in Star Trek editions, although unlike USAopoly their games focused purely on TOS:

Star Trek Scrabble
Features a book with 79 specially allowable words, and bonus points give for use of official Klingon language words verifiable from any edition of the Klingon Dictionary. (Sources: BoardGameGeek, Memory Alpha)

Star Trek UNO
Star Trek themed UNO with four "Beam Up Wild" cards. This is at least a second edition of a Star Trek UNO, the previous one came out in 1999. (source: Memory Alpha)

Star Trek All About Trivia
1000 cards worth of TOS trivia (based on the TV series and films) to drive you round the board. Five question categories are: "Captain’s Log" (about the stories), "On the Bridge" (about the characters), "Strange New Worlds" (about aliens), "Tools and Technology" (self explanatory), "Quotes" (see previous brackets). (sources: BoardGameGeek, TrekMovie)

Also announced back in 2009 were Star Trek Phase 10 and Star Trek Magic 8 Ball, which if they ever existed I can find not a hint of (do you know anything of these two lost products dear readers?). has a pretty extensive review of the three Fundex games that did make it, check it out.

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