Friday 15 July 2011

Coming soon from Christopher L. Bennett

Cover mock-up. Not official!
Christopher L. Bennett has revealed some details of his forthcoming works. His Typhon Pact ebook, The Struggle Within, will feature not only the Kinshaya on the side of the Pact, but also the Talarians as the face of the Khitomer side, the idea being to shed light on the smaller players of both sides of the political divide. The Simon and Schuster website has also been updated with this blurb:
An original e-novella in the acclaimed Typhon Pact series! The Enterprise-E is on a diplomatic mission to the Talarian Republic, the last holdout in the Federation's efforts to expand the Khitomer Accords in response to the emergence of the Typhon Pact. In the wake of Andor's recent secession, the Federation is more concerned than ever with strengthening its alliances. The Talarians have been a tenuous potential partner at best, given the history of conflict and mistrust between them and the Federation. But the negotiations between Picard and the Talarians are disrupted by a growing public protest of those who are demanding greater rights—and before long, it becomes clear that the dissidents are not limiting themselves to nonviolent means….
Speaking on the TrekBBS, Bennett has provided a sort of secondary blurb for the other half of the story:
The blurb is focusing on the Enterprise's mission in the novella, naturally enough, but there's a parallel plot that's more directly connected to the Typhon Pact. Jasminder Choudhury and T'Ryssa Chen go undercover on the capital world of the reclusive Kinshaya to investigate a different kind of dissident movement that could shift the tenuous balance of power within the Pact and tip the scales toward peace or war. 
Bennett has also set the scene for his TOS/DTI novel, Forgotten History, which it turns out is primarily set in the TMP era, after his novel Ex Machina:
The main body of the novel begins in 2267, exploring the Starfleet/Federation response to Kirk’s time-travel discoveries, but the bulk of it takes place in the era following Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Yes, I’m finally getting to revisit the post-TMP timeframe I’ve previously explored in Ex Machina and Mere Anarchy: The Darkness Drops Again, and I’m very pleased about it. Additionally, the novel has a frame story featuring the 24th-century DTI characters from Watching the Clock — and several of the DTI’s older members, the characters established as having been alive at the time, will play at least small roles in the main body of the story as well.
Additionally, outside the Trekverse he has talked at length about his forthcoming original novel, Only Superhuman, which you can read about on his blog.

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