Wednesday 22 July 2009

TNG, TOS and new-Trek DVDs and Bluray

There's all sort of DVD and Blurays on the way: The TNG movies released on bluray and DVD, the TOS movies already out on bluray on DVD too, TOS season 2 which is also already on DVD coming to bluray, and more on the new movie in both formats.

The TNG movies come in a box set (First Contact alone will be released individually). The both formats have lots of extra features, though the bluray set has a lot more. Highlights include commentaries on every film, most with two or three different commentaries. Various behind the scenes featurettes. A feature called "Brent Spiner: Data and Beyond" which is spread in four parts across the film series. Deleted scenes for all but First Contact. And a fifth disc "Star Trek Evolutions" which contains The Evolution of the Enterprise, Villains of Star Trek, I Love the Star Trek Movies, Farewell to Star Trek: The Experience, Klingon Encounter, Borg Invasion 4D and Charting the Final Frontier. For a full list of features check this article at DVD Active. Box looks like this:

DVD Active also have some (early) box art for the new movie, the 2-disc DVD and bluray looks like this:

And single disc DVD like this:

Additionally, have an exclusive "steelbook" packaging for the bluray on preorder, which looks rather nice:

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