Tuesday 28 July 2009

New IDW news from Mr Harris

Andrew Steven Harris has posted information on a whole bunch of new Trek stuff from IDW, that he expects official announcements for very soon.

On the DS9 front IDW apparently have an artist lined up, a painter, who has done covers for IDW Trek comics before (which gives a few possibilities, J.K. Woodward is the name that immediately pops into my head).

On the TNG front there's to be a new series titled Ghosts, which will be set in the TV era and see the TNG crew dealing with two warring factions on a world that wants to join the Federation (nothing like the soon to conclude TOS: Mission's End then...). The series will apparently take a CSI sort of style. That series has a writer, Alexander Cannon, and will have at least some covers by Joe Corroney (like that one>).

The previously mentioned Sulu-Excelsior story it turns out will be part of a new spotlight-style series called Captain's Log. Like Alien Spotlight the series will feature multiple creative teams, this time focusing on different commanding officers - Harris mentioned Jellico and Garrett, and fingers crossed for Riker on the Titan.

Beyond that Harris anticipates more omnibuses from IDW, and possibly deluxe reprints of the movie tie-in series to cash in on the DVD release. And looking at IDW's general approach wonders whether we might see an on-going Trek series some time soon, in line with similar series announced for other IDW properties.

Read all the details, here.

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