Friday 17 July 2009

New movie DVD details

TrekMovie have released the press released for the DVD and bluray releases of the new Star Trek film. There will single and double disc DVDs and a three disc bluray set!

Multi-disc sets on both formats include: an audio commentary by the producers and director; deleted scenes with commentaries (Spock's birth, Klingons taking Narada, young Kirk and family, Amanda and Sarek arguing after Spock's fights, Nero and co. in Klingon prison, "Sarek Gets Amanda"?, a different version of the dorm room and Kobayashi Maru scenes, Kirk apologizing to the Gaila, and Sarek seeing old-Spock); A New Vision, a making-of documentary; To Boldly Go, another behind the scenes something; features on casting, the score, and alien design; a gag reel; a digital copy; and demos of D-A-C.

The bluray release includes additional "branching pods" features to those listed above and extra features on: planets, props and costumes, sound design, and "Gene Roddenberry's vision" plus the Starfleet Vessel Simulator, giving tours and views of the Enterprise and Narada.

Both sets also apparently have a feature using augmented reality to use the DVD/Bluray case to manipulate a 3D model of the Enterprise (like the Experience the Enterprise website).

See TrekMovie's report for full details of all the features.

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