Sunday 26 July 2009

New move comics, prequels, sequels and inbetwequels!

TrekMovie have posted an interview with Tim Jones and Mike Johnson discussing their various comic book tie-ins with the new movie. Highlights and newsoids include:
  • Insights into their approach to the new movie adaptation; going back to early drafts of the scripts to find new angles on events and such.
  • Confirmation the Nero series wont be repeated within the events of the adaptation.
  • A few hints on Nero, which will feature "a sort of famous Klingon", a new Human character, and a Spock.
  • Plans for a prequel to Countdown showing Data's return and rise to captaincy, and how the rest of the TNG gang have been moving about.
  • After that a desire to do a post-Countdown TNG series.
  • And the earliest hint of a potential for a Countdown-like tie-in prequel for the next film when it comes about.
The article discusses all those projects in detail, check it out, here.

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