Sunday 29 April 2007

Blood Will Tell title.

I put off posting this a few days in the hopes we might get some more information, but nothing. So...

Klingons: Blood Will Tell, issue 1, was out just a few days ago, but oddly the comic did not have an individual title. I asked about it IDW's message boards and the writer Scott Tipton revealed the title is:

"Against Their Nature"

It didn't make it into the comic, no one has said why yet.

I also asked about the fleet composition, which on page 19 of the comic is a whole hoard of Constitution and D7 class ships facing off against each other. Personally I'd have liked to mix the fleet up but Tipton explained "we tend to think of the book in terms of the original show, and whenever they talked about Starfleet in TOS, they would mention the 12 Constitution-class starships, so that's what we wanted".


Therin of Andor said...

Actually, the title "Against Their Nature" is the heading on the English script page, on page 23 of the Klingon language edition(s) of "Blood Will Tell" #1.

The entire script appears between pages 23 and 39, followed by a full colour advertisement for the Klingon language version of the ancient Babylonian heroic poem, "ghIlghameS" ("Gilgamesh")!

8of5 said...

Interesting, I'm tempted to pick up the Klingon version...

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