Tuesday 1 May 2007

This month

Oww look a new feature, much of this site deals with what's coming in the months ahead so I thought it might be handy to remind readers what's coming right now, so here's a run down of what should be coming in Star Trek products for the next month. Funnily enough I plan on doing this monthly:

A reasonably busy month from Pocket Books. The last book in the Vulcan's Soul trilogy should be out in hardcover, "Epiphany" by Josepha Sherman and Susan Shwarts. This month’s eBook is from the Crops of Engineers series, "The Art of the Comeback" by Gleen Greenberg. And a new omnibus is out, Twist of Faith, collecting the first four books of Deep Space Nine stories set after What You Leave Behind. As is typical, most of these should be in shops already, as they normally get out a couple of weeks before their scheduled month.

IDW continue there overlapping miniseries’ this month with issue of five of the TNG miniseries The Space Between, "Space Seeds" by David Tischman, and issue two of Klingons: Blood Will Tell, "Beneath the Skin" by Scott and David Tipton. Both are expected in the last week of the month.

Diamond Select Toys have their first TOS statue due this month. The Kirk figure in the landing party diorama. With Spock and McCoy to follow later in the year.

To my knowledge there are no toys or other merchandise due for release this month.

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