Friday 13 April 2007

IDW news

IDW's editors have been responding to questions in the Q&A thread about their Star Trek comics at IDW's message boards.

On the Alien Spotlights series Dan Taylor revealed one issue will be set in the TOS movie era. IDW's forth Star Trek project, Alien Spotlight will be a collection of six one off stories focusing on different species in the Trekverse; The Gorn, Andorians, Orions, Borg, Vulcans and Romulans. Other issues will be set within The Original Series and The Next Generation.

Chris Ryall talked about what IDW might be working on next, with projects announced already taking IDW up to the end of the year he suggested the next miniseries, possibly a TNG one, would begin around then. IDW have previously shown interest in doing something with TNG post-Nemesis. Pocket Books’ first batch of post-Nemesis novels come out in a few months, if IDW do choose to go with that I hope they work with Pocket to maintain consistency in the era.

Ryall also mentioned they'd been thinking about doing something with Dr. Pulaski, noting we might get some of her soon, possibly referring to the May issue of the current TNG miniseries The Space Between which will be set in TNG's second season.

Finally Ryall was able to confirm IDW efforts so far were selling well, and was confident with the various projects in the works they will continue to do so.

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