Tuesday 16 February 2021

FanSets latest Star Trek pins ask you to Choose to Live to seek Jamaharon

Those busy pin makers at FanSets haven't been slacking lately, with loads of new Star Trek pins in a variety of formats coming every couple of weeks. Their latest pins include a lot of love for Picard, plus TOS, TNG, DS9, and Discovery pins. Continue below to check them all out.

First up is this Elnor, "Choose to Live" pin, in a new format for Trek featuring a quote in a speech bubble!

Fun! FanSets have already dubbed this format MicroQuotes on Twitter, and are open for idea for more characters. So get tweeting with your favourite pithy Trek quotes!

Horga'hn pin made it's debut just before Valentine's, but should work all year long (social distancing permitting!).

Another prop release is the Picard delta. Having previously been released as a pin and mini pin, they have now got it with a magnetic back too.

Another FanSets tweet confirms they're working on a La Sirena combadge pin too.

Notable props also feature in every one of the Picard EpisodePins, a nice little touch in the design of the series. The latest pins released in that series are Stardust City Rag, The Impossible Box, and Nepenthe - The last in that series is a hug spectacular! 

The Women of Trek series has also been continuing with regular releases. Now available are the unexpected medical crossover of Nurse Chapel and Doctor Crusher

FanSets have also previewed the Soji pin in the series, which should be coming in March. Green glitter looks like nice nanoprobey goo! 

There's more Picard love in the smaller MicroCrew series, with Raffi and a La Sirena version of Picard the latest in that series.

Also new to the MicroCrew are Rhys from Discovery, and Sloan of Section 31 from DS9:

Fansets have also previewed a couple of forthcoming MicroCrew; Riker, with his characteristic leg up, and Ezri Dax. They are expected in March or April.

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