Saturday 27 February 2021

Eaglemoss starship updates: Picard Romulan Bird of Prey, XL La Sirena, STO's USS Shran, and more

Eaglemoss' latest round of solicitations have given first looks at several new starship models, including a couple of Picard ships and the latest in the Star Trek Online collection. Continue below to check out all those, and other Eaglemoss starship updates.

First up, the third issue of the new Star Trek Universe collection, which will eventually include ships from all the currently in-production live action series. The first ten issues are all set to focus on Picard though, and issue three is the refit classic Romulan Bird of Prey(ad). Eaglemoss have released several images of the model, but alas teases that they are, they're not showing off the underside and it's Bird of Prey print just yet!

Here's Eaglemoss' description of the issue, magazine cover, and packaging:
An antique Romulan starship owned by the warlord Kar Kantar, this Bird-of-Prey terrorized shipping throughout the Qiris Sector. A retro callback to the classic Romulan designs of the Original Series, this Bird-of-Prey met its end when it attacked La Sirena with Jean-Luc Picard aboard.

Highly detailed die-cast model starships from the modern Star Trek TV series: Star Trek: Discovery, Star Trek: Picard, and Star Trek: Strange New Worlds! These replicas are based directly on the original VFX models to guarantee extraordinary accuracy, and are accompanied by a spotlight magazine including starship specs and interviews with designers.

Also from Picard, but not part of the Universe collection, the twenty-fifth in the franchise-spanning XL collection is La Sirena(ad). This ship is also issue one(ad) of the Universe collection, but of course this newly revealed XL edition is (a bit) bigger.

This XL model captures the signature ship of Star Trek: Picard, the La Sirena! A red-and-white Kaplan F17 Speed Freighter hired by Jean-Luc Picard, the La Sirena was helmed by Captain Crist bal Rios, an ex-Starfleet officer himself, and served as home to Picard's crew in their search for Doctor Bruce Maddox and Soji Asha.

This collection commemorates iconic ships from every Star Trek TV series and movie, recreated with incredible detail as large hand-painted models and accompanied by a profile magazine.

Finally for newly revealed ships, issue 14 of the Star Trek Online collection is the USS Shran(ad) of the Shran class, which is STO's 25th century version of the Magee class from Discovery.

An versatile starship available to Starfleet players in Star Trek Online, the Shran-Class Light Pilot Escort was designed to meet a variety of wartime requests, from cost efficiency to flexibility to sheer firepower. After a variety of prototypes, the completed ship evolved into a successor to the Magee-class - built to the modern standards of the 25th century.

The Shran-class combines a central saucer, similar in shape to the Akira-class Heavy Escort, with two bulky nacelles intersecting its hull. A small and highly maneuverable vessel, this ship is armed with a graviton displacer for disrupting enemy flight.

Collect the original ships created for Star Trek Online, the hit video game based on Star Trek! Each ship is reproduced with incredible detail, and accompanied by an in-depth profile magazine.

In other news from the STO series, packaging from latest releases has also revealed one of the future issues will be the USS Edison, another 25th century interpretation of a Disco ship, the Hoover class.

Some additional new model images come from the Eaglemoss online shop, which recently listed issue 33 of the Star Trek Discovery collection (the final issue before the series is absorbed into the new Universe range), the Klingon Chargh class Battleship(ad). These new shots show off the ship from some additional angles to previously released images. Looks like a beautiful ship to finish off this series.

Klingon Chargh-Class Battleship joins the Klingon fleet in Star Trek Discovery Starship Collection!

The Chargh-Class Battleship was in service to the Great Houses of the Klingon Empire in the 2250s, the battleship used the same spaceframe as its cousin the Jach-Class - a miniscule primary hull with an impulse engine at its stern, flanked by a pair of enormous warp nacelles. The ship's name means "conquer" in Klingon, suitable for its role in the Battle at the Binary Stars.

This Star Trek die-cast model recreates the battleship based on the original VFX models of Star Trek: Discovery, ensuring extraordinary detail and accuracy.

Klingon Chargh-Class Battleship comes with a 16-page full-color magazine. The magazine includes a profile of the battleship, original production art and details of its design evolution.

In other Eaglemoss Starships news, Ben Robinson, who is responsible for all Eaglemoss' collections, has been doing lots of interviews lately to promote some of the latest Eaglemoss books. 

Speaking to Trekzone, and on Twitter he reaffirmed that Lower Decks ships (conspicuously absent from being part of the Universe collection) are coming in some form, noting deciding how to approach the paint schemes to give them an animated look has been one of the issues of producing them.

He also confirmed while talking to Trek Central, that Picard ships will be taking up the first ten issues of the Universe collection before switching to Discovery season three. He expects different approaches across the Disco ships to cope with the separated-sections-of-the-ships issue, and also mentioned he expects the rainforest ship (one I'm very keen to get) to be a unique challenge of its own.

To get hold of the latest ships, look for releases via the Eaglemoss' web-shop in the US(ad) and the UK, or keep an eye on the subscription page for the Star Trek Universe collection(ad), which hasn't formally launched sign-ups just yet, but will be shortly. Or for pre-orders, check Things For Another World(ad), which normally offer a 20% pre-order discount.

For more Eaglemoss updates, check back through my Eaglemoss tag, or for starships coverage in general see my ships or model ships tags.


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I have high hopes for the STO collection, but it's really hard to get excited when so much of the focus (so far, at least) is on the Discovery redesigns.

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